Rebirth: The Recipe Saga Continues

Love the look?
Notice the winter veggies in the background? They won't stay long! But they do stick to the ribs as they're meant to for the chilly winter months.

Naturally, I will post sprint veggies just as soon as they sprout!

So, what housekeeping have I done? I've cleaned things up a bit here, removing things not related to cooking and -well- eating. I'm particularly awesome at the latter and hope to prove good taste in the former as you journey with me here.

While I haven't given up my dream of becoming a published author, I find that reality is leading me to another passion on a daily basis... cooking.

The science of baking intrigues me, the solitude of spices seduces me, and the multitude of available recipes amazes me!  Why reinvent the wheel when they are out there in all shapes and sizes - recipes for all tastes and diets?

So, for 2012, please look forward to recipe reviews and original postings as well as the sub-series reviews on local restaurants.  I'm going to give it to you straight every time, even if it means a negative review.

Please feel very free to leave comments and suggestions! I look forward to this journey together.

Happy New Year!

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