Sub-Series: Restaurant Reviews - Zapata's

Overall Rating

Collinsville, IL

Well I was just too starving when we got there and decided on drinks and the buffet to even think to take pictures.  Here's the review, nonetheless!

Food selection consisted of sweet corn cake, mini chicken chimichanga, salsa and chips, and custom taco salad.  For dessert, also from the buffet, we shared a plate of cinnamon sugar tortilla chips.

Total After Tip: $29 (three lunch buffets & three foutain beverages)

Price: When you have a grumbling tummy, go here for a lunch that's cheap and yummy!

Food: A plethora of choices leaves you with a warm taco-seasoning-feeling. Salsa was ole, pico holy moly, beans, rice, cheese, and beef chichichi!

Service & Ambiance: Drinks refilled religiously, plates cleared repeatedly, atmosphere savory, decorations celebratory!

I recommend for a quick, delicious, filling and inexpensive lunch!

New Restaurant Review Soon - Meanwhile...

So I'm hoping that while my friend, Ron, is in town that we can all go out to some neat St. Louis eatery!

Stay tuned for a review!

Meanwhile - check out the cute kitten that I would like to make mine <3
Will take name suggestion, but I might be thinking of calling him "Socks" or "Boots" because of the white on his paws.  Also buying 1 year supply of allergy meds :)


Not a Winner

Well, this is the dreaded post I didn't want to have to write.

I received my "thanks, but no thanks" letter from the Writer's of the Future Contest just last week.  I made my poor mom read it aloud to me on the phone (I had her down as my permanent address).

When I actually looked at the letter it settled in that I didn't make it.  I am proud to say that I made it through two rounds of eliminations before being weeded out.

The standard form letter said that they hoped I had my new story ready to send in for the next quarter, but of course, I don't have one yet.

I still believe in my story, so I think I'm going to look for someone who might be interested in publishing it - even if just in a short story magazine of some sort.

Well, anyway - stay tuned for more adventures in creative writing! :)


Sub-Series: Restaurant Reviews - Aroy Thai

 Overall Rating

Aroy Thai
O'Fallon, IL

Mango Mai Thai

From left to right: Basil infused rice paper wrapped spring rolls, chicken pot stickers, fried prawns, pork egg rolls, crab rangoon.  In the center - hot and sour sauce.
Split Entree: Drunken Noodle
Total After Tip: $45 (cocktail, app, and dinner for two)

Price:  Upscale exotic eats at a domestic price.  Each item was worth it's weight in US Dollars.

Drinks: A perfect Balance of inebriation and lubrication, the classic cocktails quenched the thirst and added to the food's flavor.

Appetizer:  The spicy dip complimented each fresh item and made it come alive on the tongue.The basil burned the buds!

Entree: Wide, slurpy noodles coated with rich brown gravy topped with chopped veggies stir fried soft. Double up on smokey chicken for two.

Service:  Fantastic form! If your item was ready, it arrived regardless of your assigned waiter. Unlike some ethnic spots, English was fluent.

Ambiance: Quaint, quiet, cultured and classy.  Modern feel to warm environment with distinct Asian influence.

Overall: If you don't mind the heat, find yourself soon in this kitchen - every item was savory and scintillating!


Sub-series: Restaurant Reviews - Easy Buffet

Overall Rating

Easy Buffet
Across from Southwestern Illinois College
Belleville, IL

From Left to Right: Variety of stir-fried dishes including chicken and pork, beef short ribs, fried scallop, lo-mein noodles, vegetable egg roll, assortment of sushi, and wasabi-spiced soy sauce.

Total After Tip: Not sure! (My step-dad bought for us all! Thanks, Jim!)
If I had to guess it would be in the vicinity of $12.

Price: Even though it was free for me this time, I have gone in the past and considered the wide variety available a steal for the low buffet cost.

Food: Flavorful, colorful, fresh and hot; an excellent experience. Wide variety of sushi, fried, stir-fried, and dessert items up the delish factor.

Service: Reminiscent of an “it takes a village” attitude; our cups stayed full, our plates cleared, and all with smiles from the entire wait staff.

Ambiance: It seemed cafeteria-crowded, but the efficient use of space allowed for comfortable dining quarters and the black tiled floors were classy.

Overall: Convenient for Belleville residents and SWIC students, I recommend this newcomer buffet for a quick meal that will satisfy with variety.