Someone asked me if the photograph of my lunch yesterday was taken by me or simply downloaded from Waffle House's website.

Much to my pleasure, I got to respond that I was the one who took the picture!

I've heard exciting news that I'll be receiving a digital SLR camera sometime later this year (for a holiday gift) and I cannot TELL you how stoked I am about this.  It's been a long time since I've had a really nice camera to fiddle with (point and shoot is good, but this will be much more flexible) and the last time it was a 35mm film camera I borrowed from my step-dad for a college photography class.

We got to develop our own film and make our own prints in the school's dark room, which was absolutely fantastic - a learning experience!

Now, I'm going to have the capability to have my very own darkroom on my desktop!
So - hopefully - I'll be posting some more of my creative works once I get my new toy!

No restaurant review today - time to eat leftovers for lunch to save a penny or two, but stay tuned for a weekend post.  I will be spending a couple days this weekend with my parents, brother, and son, and am sure that we'll be dining out at some point!


Sub-series: Restaurant Reviews - Waffle House

So, we all know the star rating system.  Similarly, I'll be using the ice cream cone system.  Out of five delicious ice cream cones (1 being relative to fat free, low-cal store brand fake-vanilla ice cream and 5 being hand-scooped, freshly made, candy-loaded, full-fat custard) I will let you know how each restaurant stands up.  I'm going to limit each description to the length of a Tweet, 140 characters, so as to not bore you to death!

Overall Rating:

Waffle House           
Collinsville, IL

From Left to Right: Two Biscuits with Sausage Gravy, Hash Browns Scattered Smothered Covered Diced and Capped, and a Coke

Total After Tip $12
Price: Reasonable for a completely filling meal with leftovers.  I'm sort of a generous tipper; could've left a dollar less for the same service.

Food: Hash browns were deliciously crunchy, evenly shredded and topped well. The open, grill-toasted biscuits swam in delightfully creamy gravy.

Service: Uniformed staff choreographed their cramped movements with a friendly air. Code rang out: Ring a scattered, covered, chopped...for table one!
Ambiance: Clean-cut traditional diner filled with sweet pecan waffle smells that linger all the way back to your desk. Twist at your counter stool!

Overall: I sincerely recommend this reformed greasy-spoon to any nooner, diner, or late-nighter! Enjoy!