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Wow! Was my last restaurant review really in 2010?! I guess 2011 must have gone by fairly uneventful in the restaurant visiting world.  I am back with a vengeance, however, so you'll be seeing some of my absolute favorites coming up for review for the first time as well as some totally new places for us.

Now, let me start with Rosalita's... a great Mexican cantina in downtown St. Louis on Washington Ave.  We detoured due to a closed highway and ended up staying for a few drinks and dinner!

I couldn't take a lot of pictures without looking like a total tourist. The dining room was dim and the flash on my camera was a bit too obvious.

So here we go!

Rosalita's Cantina
Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO

Now, we went all out and spent a grand total of about $75 for the two of us after tip.  We had a phenomenal server, so she got the full 20% gratuity.  Considering we each had two alcoholic drinks, full entrees, and dessert, I'd say the price was just right.

Appetizer: Chips and salsa were sublime! Crunchy, salty, fresh chips and garden delicious salsa treat the taste buds.

(Guest Post by Joshua) Classic Rosalita's Margarita:  They said they sell 100 gallons a week. I TOTALLY believe it - these were AMAZING. Now I want to try the 168oz "Tower of Power!" 

Paella Mexicana Entree: A swirl of flavors; surely the chef's best dish-a-sizzling carrying tomato rich rice, buttery scallops, freshest shrimp and spice a poppin'.

Service: Luck was a lady this night as Jane catered to our every culinary need with speed and agility. Friendly banter made our night.

Ambiance: Rustic, heavy wood dining sets, meticulously tiny-tiled walls, and low mood lighting lent to an old-world down-home good food feel.

Overall: Strolling Washington is a treat for the senses and the lure into this cozy cantina is no disappointment. A new regular spot!

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