Yummy (and Sneaky) Breakfast for a Week!

This is definitely a review of a recipe.  I can't even post the recipe here because she hasn't shared it for free on her website (though there are some other goodies at www.thesneakychef.com).

I can, however, direct you to her  latest book: The Speedy Sneaky Chef.  Missy Chase Lapine has done something brilliant in this book... she uses her purees and addition of wheat germ and ground flax seed to boost the nutrition of packaged foods. For busy moms like me, this is a really useful trick.

My 3 1/2 year old is as picky as the next kid even though I constantly offer him many food choices.  He's not big on veggies or certain fruits, so I serve him the few he likes and pack the rest into the foods he loves around them.

I made her Banana Breakfast Quick Bread from the book mentioned above and they have been a hit!  While my fiance and I both know what's been added to the box mix, we are still loving the little muffins.  To make this experience even better, I got to use my new mini-cupcake maker and the mini-muffins came out moist and delicious. In fact, I cleaned my house during the 8 minute bake time these had as I made several batches to last us the week.

Just a little spoiler: she uses a store-bought whole-grain banana nut muffin mix and adds a puree of sweet potato and carrot as well as wheat germ and a boost of fresh banana to make them full of fiber and nutrition. And you know what they taste like? Bakery quality banana nut muffins.

For our Sunday snack night, I'm going to try her sneaky baked taquitos (with white bean puree). And by adding a little of that orange puree (sweet potato & carrot) to our normal chili cheese queso dip, I'll add fiber and nutrition to other fairly junky snacks.  And I'll tell you... we don't even notice a difference.

Happy, healthy eating!

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