I would've taken a picture, but we ate them up so fast, there wasn't time! Joseph ate TWO of these mini-sized burgers!

Thanks again to Sneaky Chef for another great idea. I can't find this one online either, but it is from her book The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue.  Basically she adds pureed green lentils and wheat germ to very lean ground beef.  They are pan-grilled and then placed with ketchup, mustard, and pickles (or toppings of your choice) onto a mini-slider bun

The burgers were just a tad on the moist side for my taste, but skipping even a tablespoon of the puree would probably fix that.  We all loved them - and like I said, my 3 year old ate TWO. Two sliders, a few chips, and a cup of applesauce. Must've been good!

I also wanted to make a mention that I have a few restaurant reviews coming up before January is over.  First The London Tea Room for a tete-a-tete with a BFF in downtown St. Louis, then a local Mexican food favorite named Mariachi's for a Girl's Night Out, and lastly a stop at Highway 61 Roadhouse & Kitchen after my fiance and I use our free guest passes to a showing of Sunday in the Park with George at the St. Louis Repertory Theatre.

All of the above places are linked to for your convenience.  Feel free to browse them and let me know your feelings or even make a request for me to try an interesting looking menu item on your behalf!!!

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