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Collinsville, IL

Well I was just too starving when we got there and decided on drinks and the buffet to even think to take pictures.  Here's the review, nonetheless!

Food selection consisted of sweet corn cake, mini chicken chimichanga, salsa and chips, and custom taco salad.  For dessert, also from the buffet, we shared a plate of cinnamon sugar tortilla chips.

Total After Tip: $29 (three lunch buffets & three foutain beverages)

Price: When you have a grumbling tummy, go here for a lunch that's cheap and yummy!

Food: A plethora of choices leaves you with a warm taco-seasoning-feeling. Salsa was ole, pico holy moly, beans, rice, cheese, and beef chichichi!

Service & Ambiance: Drinks refilled religiously, plates cleared repeatedly, atmosphere savory, decorations celebratory!

I recommend for a quick, delicious, filling and inexpensive lunch!

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