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Aroy Thai
O'Fallon, IL

Mango Mai Thai

From left to right: Basil infused rice paper wrapped spring rolls, chicken pot stickers, fried prawns, pork egg rolls, crab rangoon.  In the center - hot and sour sauce.
Split Entree: Drunken Noodle
Total After Tip: $45 (cocktail, app, and dinner for two)

Price:  Upscale exotic eats at a domestic price.  Each item was worth it's weight in US Dollars.

Drinks: A perfect Balance of inebriation and lubrication, the classic cocktails quenched the thirst and added to the food's flavor.

Appetizer:  The spicy dip complimented each fresh item and made it come alive on the tongue.The basil burned the buds!

Entree: Wide, slurpy noodles coated with rich brown gravy topped with chopped veggies stir fried soft. Double up on smokey chicken for two.

Service:  Fantastic form! If your item was ready, it arrived regardless of your assigned waiter. Unlike some ethnic spots, English was fluent.

Ambiance: Quaint, quiet, cultured and classy.  Modern feel to warm environment with distinct Asian influence.

Overall: If you don't mind the heat, find yourself soon in this kitchen - every item was savory and scintillating!

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