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Popcorn, even the bag of microwaved movie-theatre-butter stuff, is a pretty low point 'Watchers snack.  In an attempt to shave off a few points without sacrificing my late-evening snack, I did some research online how to pop my own kernels in the microwave.  Many of us remember air-popped corn from that craze in the mid to late 80's (you remember that noisy white contraption with yellow see-through top that shot hellaciously hot unpopped kernels at you instead of the bowl?!)  In those simpler times, we just put the butter in that little dish that fit in the top of the machine and then dumped it on, with a happy helping of salt, and mixed with our bare hands to achieve deliciousness.  For those who thought they could save a few calories by not topping their blandly popped corn, this was a short-lived fad.
The days of tasteless popped kernels for dieters are long gone.
These days they make bowls that look like granite-ware but are actually a type of heat resistant plastic.  They usually come with a lid as well.  They will hold the kernels in the bottom of the bowl and, without the use of oil, pop them like any bag would.
Guilt-Free Popcorn
Plain microwave popped or air popped popcorn
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray
For one cup of popped and generously sprayed popcorn it only = 1 WW Point!
So enjoy that evening movie or tv show with an unsweet tea or a diet soda and a nice big bowl of low-point popcorn!
(I recently found my bowl, mentioned above, on Amazon.com for about $8 with free prime shipping.)

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  1. Just a cup of popcorn? A bag holds about 3 cups. Maybe more. ;)


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