Top 5 Quick Dinner Ideas

Cooking just for yourself? Or just looking for a quick night's dinner with very little effort?
Here are my Top 5 Quick Dinner Ideas
5.  Sandwhiches
    Sick of those turkey n cheese lunchtime blahs? Try it open faced!  Warm a can or packet of gravy in a pan, throw in your turkey lunch meat and cook until warm.  Toast two pieces of bread, laying a slice of swiss or cheddar on the top of each slice of bread.  Add your gravied lunch meat, maybe some quick instant mashed potatoes and you've got a blue-light special.  Make sure to grind some fresh black pepper over the top for a freshly made taste.  Get real fancy and crack open a can of green beans to serve on the side.
4.  Soup
  Canned soup can be dressed up in a lot of ways. Add pre-cooked rice noodles to a favorite chicken n vegetable soup blend, serve with a side of vinegary hot sauce and some basil, and you have Vietnamese Pho Ga for dinner! Not for something ethnic?  Serve your favorite canned chili or soup with a wide array of crackers, sliced cheese, and pickles and you have a full meal.
3.  Baked Potatoes
  Microwave them. Seriously. They're delicious and come in at about 5 minutes each.  Here's how - scrub jackets well, then while still damp, press in kosher salt.  Stab really well all over with a fork.  Use your microwave's potato setting or do about 4 minutes at a time until it's soft enough to split all the way through with your stabbing fork.  Toppings?  Leftover breakfast meats (sausage, bacon, etc.), any veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots), cheese (even american slices work), butter, salt & pepper, hot sauce - just check your fridge and get creative.
2.  Nachos
  Same simple theory as baked potatoes.  Who doesn't have a bag of tortilla chips sitting around? Even stale ones work, the microwave will crisp them up!  Spread out a single layer (be generous!) on a microwave safe plate, topped with canned chili, or canned beans, salsa, veggies, then sprinkle across some shredded cheese. Be creative! Think protein + fiber + veggie to fill you up.  Microwave for 1-2 minutes on high until cheese bubbles.  Allow to cool before serving! Delicious
And finally, my number one "wth am I gonna cook tonight?" meal - always a go-to in my household.
1. Breakfast for Dinner!
  Frozen waffles, bisquick pancakes, eggs & cheese, leftover bacon or turkey links, anything you can think of - throw it together and make it sound mighty special to the kids.
Let me know your favorite quick go-to meal in the comments!

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