Oh Orville, You Pop! I mean Rock!

Orville Redenbacher's Pop up Bowl - Popcorn Bowls are genius!

Also - can I offer that it is even more "green" to use these popcorn bowl/bags?

Instead of popping a bag of popcorn then transferring it to a bowl, which then has to use water and soap to wash, the bag itself opens conveniently up and then gets disposed of as you normally would with any bag.

Also - it's paper - so I'm pretty sure this would also be a recyclable item.  Sure, it's greener probably to purchase your own separate popcorn kernels and oil, but if you're a microwave popcorn junkie, then this is a "better" option.

Anyway - review? Fantastic invention, convenient, delicious, fun! Enjoy!


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  1. My girls like to eat out of the bag while I like to eat out of a bowl. Hm. Come with me to Kumar's...you'll enjoy the family-owned restaurant.


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