Electric Pressure Cooker

Things I love about my new electric pressure cooker:
1) Vegetarian Delight - Beans cook from dry (no soaking!) in 25 minutes or less without any tending.  At around $.60 a pound dried, they beat the pants off the $.60 for 14 oz cans and have no pre-added salt.
2) Forget about it! - Throw it all in the pot, dial in your cook time and pressure setting, press start (takes exponentially longer if you forget this step), and then go watch TV or enjoy playing with your kids. Listen for a beep, vent steam from cool and safe plastic valve, and serve. Seriously. That's it.
3) I want it fast, but I don't want it now...  hey, a delay timer!  - Self-explanatory. Who doesn't love walking in the house to a finished meal?
4) Go ahead and splurge on other things! - Raw ingredients = cheaper = healthier = happier.
5) The possibilities are endless. - You can cook almost anything to moist perfection with very little effort.  Not to mention that traditional pressure cooker cookbooks (which have been around for about half a century) easily adapt to this easier option. I even have two cookbooks on my Kindle currently. Nothing like hopping a quick bookmark to my favorite recipe!
If I sound like an infomercial, I wish. Maybe someone from Fagor could pay me for this shameless plug?
No? Well - info for the benefit of family and friends anyway.
This has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I love it!

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  1. Glad that you are loving it. Maybe I'll get one for my wife. :)


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