Recipes! Pamper Yourself

Katy's pamper-evening includes one home-made manicure!!!

First - put on your "comfort" t.v. show or movie - or play some music low in the background.

Start with a creamy, warm soak.
Warm some milk or mixture of milk and water in a bowl.  Make it as warm as you can stand it, but not scalding hot. If you have a little honey, add it to the bowl also.  Soak your hands, maybe even elbows, until the water feels cool.


Scrub away the years.
Combine olive oil and sugar in equal parts. If you have essential oils add a drop or two of lavender or rose. If not, it will just smell like olive oil, no biggie.  Gently "wash" hands and elbows with the mixture, rinse thoroughly, and blot dry on the softest towel you can find.

Manicures are easy.
Use cuticle cream to remove cuticles or push them back with an orange stick. Apply lotion liberally and watch Hand Massage: Do It While You View It. Clean well under nails. Remove oils from nails with nail polish remover or dish soap and water. Shape with a file. Use a 3 sided buffer to shine them up or apply a layer of clear polish.

You deserved this little pampering moment.


  1. Can I pay you to do this to me instead of me doing it myself? ;)

  2. I would love to open a "speakeasy" day spa. I am not a licensed beautician or therapist, so I can't technically get paid for this.

    However, donations would be gladly accepted!


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