Someone asked me if the photograph of my lunch yesterday was taken by me or simply downloaded from Waffle House's website.

Much to my pleasure, I got to respond that I was the one who took the picture!

I've heard exciting news that I'll be receiving a digital SLR camera sometime later this year (for a holiday gift) and I cannot TELL you how stoked I am about this.  It's been a long time since I've had a really nice camera to fiddle with (point and shoot is good, but this will be much more flexible) and the last time it was a 35mm film camera I borrowed from my step-dad for a college photography class.

We got to develop our own film and make our own prints in the school's dark room, which was absolutely fantastic - a learning experience!

Now, I'm going to have the capability to have my very own darkroom on my desktop!
So - hopefully - I'll be posting some more of my creative works once I get my new toy!

No restaurant review today - time to eat leftovers for lunch to save a penny or two, but stay tuned for a weekend post.  I will be spending a couple days this weekend with my parents, brother, and son, and am sure that we'll be dining out at some point!

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