The Really Really Big 150 Calorie Cocktail

If you've ever been on a diet, or if you're one of those perpetually healthy eating people, you will know that cocktails are a big calorie no-no.  The alcohol and mixers are just a big lump of empty calories and can easily throw you off your diet wagon.
But sometimes - just sometimes - you're a few hundred calories under your goal on a certain day, or you worked a little extra time on the eliptical and you think you deserve a treat...nothing that will leave you remorseful after consuming, but just a little something delicious.  Sure, you could have a beer, but 116 calories even for a light, nearly tasteless one?
How about an 8oz daiquiri instead?
Impossible, you say?
Well, don't go counting on this to keep you full, though it does help you stay away from snacks in addition to the drink - and don't replace a meal with it, for sure, but if you do find yourself with a few hundred treat calories by the end of the day... go to this delicious low-cal cocktail to quench your craving.  The prep work alone will keep you from making this summer-sweet treat too often LOL!
Watermelon Daiquiri
2 cups frozen watermelon puree
2 cups ice cubes
4 Tbsp powdered sugar
1.5 oz spiced rum
1.5 oz triple sec
2 Tbsp water (if needed)
To make the watermelon puree - slice half a watermelon into chunks (peeled), de-seed, and puree in food processor until smooth. Freeze at least 4 hours in an ice cube tray (makes about 1.5 trays). This is the part that takes the most work - you'll see, you gotta work for it!
Once watermelon is frozen, combine all your cubes with the ice, sugar, and alcohol in a blender.  Blend until very smooth. Add a little water if it's not liquid enough to move in the blender.
Garnish each glass with a thin sliver of sliced watermelon!
Makes 4 servings at a little under 150 calories a drink!

Have a happy Happy Hour!

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